It’s not your diet girlfriend

We’ve been duped by “experts” and the diet industry. One day, they tell us to eat eggs. The next, they tell us eggs are gonna kill us. ‘Round and ‘round it goes.

Meanwhile, we’re killing ourselves trying to fit the mold of all the ways we’ve been told to be and act and LOOK our whole lives.

You’ve tried everything. I’ve tried everything. All the women in your life have tried it all, right?

And now you get to live with a roommate in your head telling you all the ways you are wrong and unwanted and not good enough.

We’re not even breathing correctly!

Eff that, girlfriend.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you log in the gym, or how you change up your diet – if you’re punishing yourself, you’re not gonna get where you want to be.

You are absolutely enough and worthy of everything you want. It’s time to reclaim your swagger – yup, even without needing the scale to budge – and get back to living life.

If you want a quick fix, you’re in the wrong place. But if you’re ready and willing to put in the time to have a life that feels good, let’s chat!

Are you ready to hop off the diet roller coaster, once and for all?

Ditch your scale for the next 7 days and join me as we transform your relationship with your body.

This ain’t your mama’s cleanse, detox, or “lifestyle change”. In fact, it’s not any of that at all. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods (or your wine!), step on the scale (please don’t!), or count every macro (not even the carbs). If you’ve tried the last 5 popular diets and you’re still wondering wtf is going on with your body… this free email course will change everything.




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Meet Sandy West

Hi, I’m Sandy West. Health and Wellness Advocate. Reformed Diet Addict. Adventure Enthusiast. And I’ve learned you can go to the gym, drink your water, and take your vitamins – but if you don’t deal with the shit going on in your heart and head, you’re still going to be unhealthy.

I’m on a mission to change how we as women relate to and think about food. I want us to feel more confident and strong from the inside out, so we can be ridiculously happy no matter what the scale says.

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Let’s get ridiculously happy!