Hi, I’m Sandy West.

Health and Wellness Advocate. Reformed Diet Addict. Adventure Enthusiast. And I’ve learned you can go to the gym, drink your water, and take your vitamins – but if you don’t deal with the shit going on in your heart and head, you’re still going to be unhealthy.

I teach women like you how to fall in love with your body (and yourself!) even when it seems impossible. I’m on a mission to change how we as women relate to and think about food. I want us to feel more confident and strong from the inside out, so we can be ridiculously happy no matter what the scale says.

I know it’s possible, because I’ve done it.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I spent decades in the corporate world running on the hamster wheel. Drained, stressed, mentally and physically exhausted. All the while feeling there was never enough time to do something about it. Reaching for crap to feel energized or make me feel better after a stressful day only left me feeling crappier and beating myself up for it the next day.

Everything started to change when I got sick… an unrelenting rash on my back, torso, and neck; headaches and bilateral joint pain in my hands… tested and diagnosed with 4 different diagnoses by 4 different specialists…who all prescribed different pills and lotions. None worked.

Making it more complicated, I worked for one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. I saw firsthand how there’s a pill for everything – including for the side effects of the pills you’re already taking.

But with nothing working, I started doing my own research.

That research led me to stop gluten. Voila! My symptoms cleared.

While I don’t have celiac, I do have a gluten sensitivity that presents with autoimmune symptoms. Those same 4 specialists who prescribed tons of things that didn’t work? They called gluten sensitivity BS.

I couldn’t ignore that treating it worked though.

And while I had removed the gluten – which meant I removed all the junk food – and I felt better, I still didn’t feel 100%.

I started tracking how I felt when I ate certain foods, my moods, and the situations I was in at the time. In time, I was able to identify some key factors that were holding me back from feeling ridiculously happy.

So I ditched corporate and started pursuing as much knowledge as possible about food, our relationship with food, and our overall wellness. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as well as Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition Program.

I healed my body. My mind. My relationship with myself.

And I fell in love with feeling ridiculously happy. Being confident in my skin, regardless of my weight or the scale. Respecting myself and my boundaries. Shutting down the negative voice in my head.

I learned that I am enough, exactly as I am. And I started to believe it.

You don’t have to go through life feeling “just OK”, sucking it up, getting by, wondering what happened to the vibrant woman you know is inside of you. Whether it’s your body, your mind, or your lifestyle,

you – and only you – can change your life.

And if you want a guide on this exciting adventure, I would be honored to be that guide for you, girlfriend.

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Bachelor of Science, University of Connecticut

20+ years in the pharmaceutical and laboratory testing industry

Certified Nutrition
Practitioner, IIN

Certified Gluten Educator

Member, American Academy of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

Graduate, Cornell University Plant-Based Nutrition Program