I liked how Sandy didn’t force a certain way of doing things. She worked within my lifestyle. I appreciated that perfection wasn’t the goal. I never felt deprived or hungry. Sandy taught me how making small changes could lead to bigger sustainable changes. She was a great support to me when I had questions.


I wanted to let you know what an impact the “Grocery Store Tour” class, as well as the articles and recipes you reviewed with me, have had on my life. I consider myself a fairly educated professional who is very concerned with health and yet until I met with you, I hadn’t taken what I had been hearing about seriously.

Anne S.

Sandy truly listens to your needs and takes an active and whole hearted approach to helping you feel your best! She’s so knowledgeable when it comes to food sensitivities and how to feed your family healthy, nutritious and delicious meals. She provides excellent customer service to both kids and adults. I can’t speak highly enough! Call her, you won’t be disappointed!


I immediately felt at ease with Sandy. She gave me tons of recipes and ideas at our very first appointment. Since our first appointment, she has been there in constant communication with me. It makes me feel like I am not alone in this hard path of cooking for food allergies. Thank you Sandy!


Sandy has taught me that you don’t have to give up flavor and variety to eat healthy. I’m a former fast food junkie and she has helped me kick those bad habits and continues to help me make good decisions for my over-all well being. Sandy has changed my outlook on nutrition and is so easy to talk to.

R. Kane

The Internet is full of diets and diet experts. I tried at least 20 different ones over the last few years. I put my trust in Sandy and have never dieted again. She gets it. I never realized how I was constantly sabotaging myself. Losing weight only to eventually gain it back.

Sandy taught me what I needed to be healthy in mind and body. I am confident, happy, healthy, my head and heart are in sync, and I’ve kept the weight off.

C. Sperry

Changed my life. I faced and conquered my emotional dependencies on food. Food is now my energy for life, not my refuge when I’m tired, sad, or bored. I feel better than ever and even lost 5 lbs.

A. Charles

I can look in the mirror and accept and love my body. I am more confident, more energetic, and my mood is so much better.

T. Kraft

I used to be hungry all the time. Never feeling full. I was hangry, moody, and miserable. I have developed a love of healthier and more filling foods. I loved the process of figuring out why I ate what I did and why I always wanted sugary crap. I still recite my mantra’s everyday in the car driving to work. I can’t say enough about Sandy and how she helped change my life.

A. James

I was not into the mind-body thing in the beginning. I originally signed up because my friend was.

I just wanted to get to the “what do I eat to be healthy” part. Sandy opened my eyes to why I have dieted over and over but the weight always came back, and then some. I now understand my body; and respect that it needs healthy food and healthy thoughts.

H. McCarthy